02 Sep

I post many blogs on social media and every once in a while; I get a question like this. “How do I become a mafia?” or “How do I become a gangster?” Fuggetaboutit. 

I think some people are not too sure what the Mafia or a gangster really is. I tell them you don’t become a mafia and you don’t just become a gangster; you join a family; you become part of a crew and make your bones.

Climb the ladder of mob success. However, it ain’t that easy. You gotta know things. You have to know someone already involved and they have to put you up and vouch for you. It’s not like joining the PTA, that’s for sure.

 Let’s look at like this. If you became a gangster, who would you like to be? Gotti? Lansky? Capone? Castellano? Gambino? Everyone had role models, someone they looked up and wanted to copy. Who would you like to mirror? 

Gangsters are loyal, tough, street smart, ambitious, no nonsense, charismatic and the list goes on. Do you have these traits? If so, you may be one for the job and if you become a great earner, perhaps become a made man. If you have all the necessary requirements. 

One more thing to consider. It’s not a 9-5 job. You can get arrested and sent to prison, which is a whole different subject. And of course, you get whacked for many reasons, which can’t list all of them here, but you get the idea. 

Weigh the pros and cons before entering such a venture. Until next time. 

You keep reading and I’ll keep writing. 

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