04 Feb

Did John Gotti, Al Capone, and other bosses need to communicate with their family in a clear, energetic, and enthusiastic manner? You bet they did. I once read that Johnny Torrio instructed Al Capone to take a public speaking class. Then, Capone had charisma and the ability to command attention. 

He had to persuade and influence others to maintain his power. Good verbal skills are an important skill to have for any leader, especially in the mob.When the boss gives an order, there can never be a question in the capo or soldiers' mind what he is saying. 

The leader should communicate their ideas clearly so that the family understands the goal and how it should be executed and done with the utmost care and importance.There is no room for guessing or any signs of weakness coming from the boss, or he will lose respect and credibility with his underlings. We all know what happens after that.

Public speaking is a necessity not only for the boss but for anyone who is going to a job interview to presenting a three-hour lecture. An Italian saying states that “A good name is better than riches. As an entrepreneur, boss or leader, you’ve got to decide what you stand for, and let your actions speak for themselves. Guard your reputation like gold.” 

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