22 May

Victoria-Daughter of the Boss 

"The public saw my father right out of central casting. He looked the part, acted the part... he was the part! The real life Godfather." Victoria Gotti. 

According to an interview with Victoria, she didn’t know this about her father until she was an adult and not a young adult, either. John sheltered his children. He had two families, his personal and his business family. They never intertwined. John Gotti made sure of that. He never brought associates into his house. She looked up to and loved her father.

"I would lay awake nights and cry a lot, thinking, is my dad gonna come home? Is he gonna go to jail again? Is he going to get killed?" 

Victoria is still a force to be reckoned with and a true success story. Victoria has penned many books including, The Senators Daughter, Superstar, Hot Italian Dish (A cookbook) and others. 

She was the star of  Growing up Gotti, appeared on two episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and in 2019 served as narrator, co-writer and producer for the documentary Victoria Gotti: My Fathers Daughter.

"My existence was never a Francis Ford Coppola existence."

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