15 Nov

48 years later, the Hoffa disappearance still baffles many people. Speculation has many theories, from being fish bait to being buried under the goal post at Giant stadium. It is one of the oldest crime mysteries. 

The latest news about the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa has pointed to an old Milwaukee County Stadium by a volunteer cold case investigator and may be buried under third base. The field has been renovated and is now called American Family Field.   

Jimmy Hoffa was born February 14, 1913. Today he would be 110 years old. Assuming he slipped under cover and hid in South America, we can assume that he would most probably be dead by now, anyway. As a teenager, he began his career in the union as an organizer.

 He wanted better pay and working conditions for the employees. He became an organizer for local 299 Teamsters and later on he served as the President of IBT from 1957 to 1971. 

U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy went after Hoffa with a vengeance and put him behind bars in 1967, still holding onto his title as President. President Nixon commuted Jimmy’s 13 year sentence in 1971 and was told he could not engage in any union activity until 1980.

Hoffa had other ideas. In court, in fought the restriction and wanted to reestablish his position as president. Being involved with the mob had it’s good points and it’s bad. According to rumors, they wouldn’t hear of it and Jimmy Hoffa disappeared on July 30, 1975, never to be seen again. 

His legacy as a tough, no nonsense, bargainer and union advocate goes on today. Where’s Jimmy? No one really knows for sure. #jimmyhoffa If you like this, then you will love my book, Secrets of the Mob.

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