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Gangsters and the garbage industry.

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The mafia is a business. Prohibition was a business.

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The mafia boss must communicate with his family.

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Story of Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa.

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Review of movie, F.I.S.T. A crime dram about the life of teamster president Jimmy Hoffa.

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Story about writer Mario Puzo.

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Life of gangster Arnold Rothstein

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Welcome to Secrets of the Mob Newsletter by Jay Baer. I dedicate this newsletter to all the gangster buffs of the world. Here you will learn unique information about the most famous gangsters in U.S. history. How did John Gotti run his family? Why was Paul Castellano called “The Boss of all Bosses?” How much was Al Capone worth? What did Meyer Lansky like to eat? And much more different and uncommon personal traits. Most other information covers their criminal lives and law enforcements efforts to put them behind bars. This has been covered repeatedly. In this newsletter we look into their personal lives and how they lived. Did you know Al Capone was a philanthropist? Or that Meyer Lansky had a mentor? Who was it? We will reveal these facts.

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Secrets of the Mob is the most unique book on four of the most famous gangsters in history. You will learn how Al Capone, Meyer Lansky, John Gotti and Paul Castellano ran their families and businesses. How did John Gotti "Stay Strong" (his favorite quote) and how much did his lavish wardrobe cost? Why was Paul Castellano called "The Howard Hughes of the Mob?" and you will learn why he was one of the most intelligent gangsters ever. There is much more information you did not know until now.

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Wayne 5 Stars
Great facts about the mob. If you're looking for a good fast interesting read on the Mafia, this is the book for you. Full of information on mob types that most have no clue about.
You can't lose with this book I believe.

Ginger 5 Stars
Interesting compilation of tidbits of the mafia. When it comes down to it, the Mafia leaders were people like you and me with little idiosyncrasies and personal preferences, and that makes them human. This book is a fascinating compilation of a secret look inside their lives and an explanation of just what might compel them to join a gang of notorious murderers.

Love Gangsters? Want to learn unusual information about four of the most famous gangsters in American history? Add something new to your mob book collection. Other books were written about their criminal lives, not Secrets of the Mob. It is a unique look at four of the most famous gangsters in U.S. history.

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You will explore the lives of four of the most famous gangsters in American history: Meyer Lansky, Al Capone, John Gotti and Paul Castellano. Many authors wrote books about their criminal lives and law enforcements efforts to put them behind bars. What did John Gotti like to eat besides Italian food? How did he run his crew and how much did his businesses earn? Who was Meyer Lansky’s mentor?

What did Al Capone wear and how much did his wardrobe cost? How much did he earn at the young age of 26? What was Paul Castellano's nickname and how did he organize the largest and most profitable mafia family? The Gambino Crime Family. SOTM has tons of information that you have never known until now.

Secrets of the Mob is a must have for the gangster enthusiast. If you enjoy reading about men like John Gotti and Al Capone then you will love this book. SOTM is different from most other mob books with rare information that you will only find here. Get your copy Today.

Learn more the toughest, ambitious, successful and loyal men you will ever know. The gangster has been a big part of American history for decades. Men like Al Capone, John Gotti, Meyer Lansky and Paul Castellano. We celebrate their nonchalant, carefree attitudes. They did whatever they wanted and didn't ask permission from anyone. Don't you love the way they accumulated power and money so easy?
Another 5 Star Review
Nancy C. Great info I never knew about. Enjoyed reading it.

Allan C.T.
So much is known about the criminal careers and eventual prosecution of many of our most infamous underworld bosses; and yet so little is known about their personal lives. In Secrets of the Mob: The Men and their Methods, Jay Baer uncovers intimate quirks and habits of the likes of Al Capone and John Gotti, providing the reader with insight into what made these dangerous and yet fascinating characters tick. An entertaining and informative read.

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Everyone has their breaking point. After years of witnessing her stepfather's physical and mental abuse of her mother and sister. Marena Angelika Marshall brutally kills her stepfather. Rather than face the law, she enlists the help of her longtime friend, Andrea Postivich, and the two go on the run.
They travel to Atlanta where they save the life of Regina Walker, a newspaper heir, who encourages the pair to murder yet another violent stepfather, hers. Needing cash they take the job.

After a friendly altercation the pair realize they have strong feeling for each other and a romance follows.

Empowered by the idea of vigilante justice, they become guns for hire. Despite being hunted by law enforcement. They are steeled with a taste for blood, revenge, and a revisionist definition of justifiable homicide. Marena and Andrea leave a trail of victims as they crisscross the Southeast and the islands of the Caribbean.

An associate of Regina's. Mr. Carswell hires them murder a corrupt New Orleans politician who lead his wife to suicide. Hopefully their last job since they long for a "Normal" life together. They are now on the run for their lives.

Will their love survive? Will they survive? What will happen to our vigilantes?

Find out Here: Angels of Death:Killers or HIre

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