05 May

Stay Strong-J.G. 

One of John’s colleagues said, “John knows how to lay down the law.” Loyalty was a must with the Boss. He believed in the family and it’s business. He said, “It will be Cosa Nostra until the day I die.” There were rules and when you get into a family, it’s not like working for Walmart or Microsoft. You follow the rules or suffer the consequences. If you don’t follow them at Walmart, you get fired, in the family you get dead. However, everyone knows this going in, no surprises. There was a rumor, John had a guy killed (allegedly) because he didn’t come when he called for him. (Excerpt from Secrets of the Mob) John loved the limelight. He was charismatic, handsome, open, and outgoing. People loved him and he loved them. He also appreciated a night on the town. One time, he visited a club where Bruce Springsteen’s back-up band was playing. Gotti, of course, knew who he was and said, “Look at that everyone wants to be the boss.” He loved reading thrillers. John Grisham respected John and sent him signed copies of his books. Some admired him, others feared him. It would not be surprising to assume people wondered, “How can I be like John?’

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