05 Jul

How do you think John Gotti would have responded to the pandemic, or Meyer Lansky? What would Al Capone do about the virus, would he run out and get the shot? The Boss of all Bosses Paul Castellano, what steps would he have taken? It’s interesting to think how the real tough guys would handle the situation.

 Would they have shut down their businesses like the government said? Many would doubt it. Let’s look at the four most famous gangsters in American history and see how they may have handled Covid-19. 

If an associate (a friend, employee or a fellow wiseguy) talked to John about the disease, he may have responded like this. “Covid? What do I give a shit about f**kin covid? Why don’t you give me the f**kin five-hundred bucks you owe me?

 What would Meyer Lansky say? “Covid-19? Let me see how we can make a few bucks off of this. I wonder what Arnold Rothstein would do.”

 Al Capone’s answer may be like this. “Covid-19? I don’t even know what street it’s on.” Forget about that shit. Come to one of my brothels and take your mind off of this crap. Have a drink.” 

Paul Castellano could say, “Sounds like something we could make a fortune on, especially when the vaccine comes out. Yeah. I can make a nice profit on this thing.”

 Maybe they would say something like this, maybe not,  years of research that has taught us is they would take care of their families first and then themselves. 

They loved their families and would have done anything to protect them. Would they insist their loved ones got the shot or not?  Family first, then business, that’s the way many gangsters lived their lives. 

Being entrepreneurs was always a big part of their lives and when an opportunity came around, the gangster would take advantage of it if they could. Was the virus a way? Maybe not. 

Looking at their attitude, their toughness it was possible that something like covid would not have been a priority for them. They were resilient and, for many years, untouchable and had been through so much in their life.

 For John Gotti every day was a threat between rivals who want him gone and law enforcements efforts to put him away, so why would a man like John Gotti be afraid of a virus?

Meyer Lansky had been through the ringer himself many times. However, as history has told us Lansky lived many years with health problems. Covid could have finished him. 

Al Capone was also a tough guy. He ran Chicago and made millions selling booze. Capone afraid of a virus? I think he would scoff at it and go about his day.

Paul Castellano thought of himself more as a business executive than a gangster. He may have stayed on the side of caution. He spent a great deal of time in his seven-teen room Todt Hill mansion. He had a bocci ball court and an Olympic size swimming pool and an excellent view of the Verrazano Bridge. Why take a chance on getting the virus when you have everything at home?

 Now it’s time for you to decide. How would your favorite gangster respond to Covid-19? 

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