20 Aug

The older brother of the notorious and famous gangster Al Capone was born on July 16, 1895, in Brooklyn, New York. Frank played a substantial role in the family’s business dealings. Their income came from bootlegging, gambling, protection, and brothels.

 Frank Capone’s major role was to protect his brother Al and was the enforcer for the organization. Charisma and his social skills helped him climb to great heights in the Chicago underworld. 

On April 1, 1924, Frank, along with many others, were trying to keep their political control in Cicero. After plain-clothes police officers were mistaken as North Side gangsters, a shootout ensued. Frank’s career came to a quick halt after being ambushed and riddled with bullets by these undercover police. Some said he drew his gun and others said it never happened. 

This was a massive blow to the Capone family and their operations. Frank Capone’s life and activities provide a glimpse into the violent world of organized crime. His story, along with that of his famous brother, continues to capture our interest. 

Along with historians, researchers, gangster enthusiasts, who show an interest in the criminal history in the mob’s world. Today and after seventy years after his death, the young and the old still know of Al Capone and his gang.

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