07 Aug

“You Live by the Gun and the Knife and you Die by the Gun and the Knife.” Joseph Valachi 

In the movie Goodfellas Henry Hill’s voice over tells that they accepted killing because it was the only way of keeping everyone in line. Killing in the mafia was just another way of doing business, like it’s said, “It’s not personal. It’s business.” 

If you wanted to enter this way of life, then you had to take that risk. The risk that you could end up shot, blown-up, (not a usual way), poisoned, (probably not too) or getting whacked by a hitman or contract killer. Either way, dead is dead.

They carried these hits out for various reasons. Settling disputes, eliminating a rival, which was probably the number one reason for whacking the boss. Other reasons were financial gain, enforcing control and, for some, it was personal. 

Bosses have been taken since the beginning: Salvatore Maranzano, Joe Masseria, Paul Castellano, Carmine Galante, Angelo Bruno and Albert Anastasia. There were more like Dutch Schultz and Benjamin Siegel. 

So, if you want to live to a ripe old age, then being in the mob may not be for you. If you enjoyed this, then you will love my book, Secrets of the Mob.

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