31 May

The Offer, a docu-drama mini-series which tells the story of how The Godfather came to be and all the problems, the good and bad situations that went along with the making of this epic film. 

The Offer’s producer Al Ruddy (played Miles Teller) is a step-by-step account of how it became the significant story it still is today. From financing, finding the actors, arguments over the script and everything in between. 

You will see how Mario Puzo came to write the story and his interaction with the award-winning director, Francis Ford Coppola. This story is a must see. The founder of Gulf and Western, Charles Bluhdorn, had his reservations about The Godfather, especially when Ruddy appeared on TV with well know New York gangster, Joe Colombo. 

And for the gangster buff, you will love Giovanni Ribisi’s portrayal of the one of the most famous gangsters in history. If you love gangster movies, then you will love The Offer. I watched spell bound and held onto every word spoken. I learned so much about the making of The Godfather. 

The series shows tons of information never known before. The settings, cost, relationship challenges and much more. At first Colombo rejected the book and the making of the movie, however as time went on Al Ruddy took it upon himself to change the outcome and deal with Colombo. A risky move for a gangster, but for an outsider like Ruddy, he put his life at risk all for the making of The Godfather. 

I won’t tell you anymore than this because I don’t want to spoil this for anyone. To all the gangster movie buffs reading this blog, sign-up with Paramount plus. $4.99 a month is nothing compared to what you will discover from The Offer. I signed up for that reason.

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