28 Jun

Mafia Marriage 

“When you love someone, you’ve Gotta trust them. There’s no other way. You’ve got to Give them the key to everything that’s yours. Otherwise, what’s the point?’ Ace Rothstein (Casino)

 Mob bosses had two families, their business family and their personal. They took good care of their family’s and many stayed married until death. Meyer Lansky was married twice.

 His first wife was Anne Citron and Benjamin Siegel’s first wife was Esther Krakower, Annes best friend. They grew up in East New York and came from European Jewish families. Thelma (Teddy) Schwartz became Meyer’s second wife, and they stayed together until the end.

 Al Capone was under twenty-one when he married his girlfriend, Mae Josephine Coughlin. She was nineteen. Mae was faithful to Al and stayed by his side during all of his challenges. Their marriage lasted for twenty-nine years. 

The young couple, John Gotti, married Victoria L Di Giorgio on March 6, 1962. They stood toe to toe during John’s battle with the law and cared for each other. John and Victoria never strayed from one another, and Victoria supported her husband until the day he died. 

Paul Castellano married his high school love, Nina Manno. Paul’s sister Catherine married the Boss, Carlo Gambino. Their marriage wasn’t exactly a storybook romance. Nina moved out after finding out that Paul had an affair with his maid. She moved back into their Todt Hill mansion after his death.

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