07 Mar

The business of The Mob, Mafia or Cosa Nostra does not differ from any other business. There is the board of directors or commission, the CEO, President or The Boss, The Vice President or the underboss, managers or capos and employees or soldiers. 

Whether it’s Amazon or Walmart or Cosa Nostra, they are all businesses and basically practice in the same manner. They sell products or services such loan companies who lend money for a fee plus interest and so does the mob, however they are dubbed Loan Sharks, not a nice word for men who lend money to people who cannot borrow from the bank because they have little credit if any at all. This is a service.

Many companies have security guards and other security personnel to help keep their businesses safe. The same with the mob, they offer protection from outside influences to keep their neighborhoods safe and, of course, they charge a fee. Security guards are paid. Another service.

They sell products. Wasn’t that what prohibition was all about? Offering a great product because they couldn’t get it anywhere else. The most ridiculous law ever introduced by America, and which lead to the rise of the mob, so we can say that our government was responsible for the growth of The Mafia. Should have minded their own business.

Lucky Lucian said, "There's no such thing as good money or bad money, there's only money."

To summarize, The Mafia is a business. That is basically the reason for the organization: money. Without it, we can’t do much, can we? The Mob just found different ways of offering their products and services. Isn’t that what entrepreneurship is all about?If you liked this blog, then you will love my book: 

Secrets of the Mob-The Men and Their Methods.It is a unique look at four of the most famous gangsters in American history. Take a look and leave a comment.

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