24 May

“If they hurt anybody, they hurt each other. You didn’t have a person on the street getting shot up.” Sandra Lansky. 

Sandra had a lot of uncles, so her father, Meyer, told her. She says in her book, “Daddy took me to Times Square a lot to have diners with my “Uncles.” 

She knew they weren’t her uncles, but to her they were all like family. There was Uncle benny, Uncle Frank Costello, Uncle Abe Zwillman, Uncle Joe Adonis and Uncle Willie Moretti. They spent a good amount of time at Dinty Moore’s on west 46 Street. Anyone who was anyone in the Big Apple ate there. 

Sandra goes into great detail about her life as the daughter of one of the biggest crime bosses ever in the history of the U.S. He was the biggest Jewish boss to come to power and his businesses reached across America and the oceans. 

The book is well written, and it’s a good read. Written by Sandra Lansky and William Stadiem with a foreword by Nicholas Pilleggi. Daughter of the King is 240 pages with eleven chapters.

 I think it is an excellent book for the gangster aficionado and gives tons of great information through Sandra’s eyes. A must read in this writer’s opinion. Enjoy. 

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