17 Jun

Little has been written about the short-lived life of underboss to Paul Castellano, Thomas Bilotti. Research shows he was an ambitious recruit and being born on Staten Island, which was a haven for the mob, made it even more enticing for Tom.

 He got his start in the Gambino Family from Michael D’Alessio and became a big part of the organization as an enforcer and muscle.

 Bilotti became underboss, chauffer, bodyguard and enforcer to Paul Castellano. Paul made him his protégé after Carlo Gambino, Paul’s brother-in-law, died of a heart attack. This didn’t sit well with many of the associates who were passed over by Big Paul. 

Castellano thought highly of him and said he was, “Vigilant, hard-working, fearless and loyal.” The F.B.I. saw Thomas like this, “A pit bull with shoes, with no tact, charm or sense of humor.”

 They also said, “His piggish eyes were too close together.” Away from the Boss and on his own he was careless, rambunctious, played the big shot, overdid it and became sadistic. 

As we all know, his reign as under boss came to a screeching halt in front of Sparks Steak House in Manhattan on December, 19, 1985. Bilotti was forty-four when he was assassinated.

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