10 Jul


                                   Vincent Mangano

Vincent Mangano The origin of the Gambino Family is complicated. There were a few bosses before Carlo took over.

 In 1928, after “Joe the Boss” Masseria was assassinated. Alfred Mineo became head of the most powerful Sicilian gang in New York. An attempt on Masseria’s life took out Mineo and Frank Scalise became head of the family. 

Later on, a hit squad murdered Masseria and Maranzano took over. Then, he was murdered and in 1931, Lucky Luciano made Vincent Mangano the boss. 

Mangano worked together with Albert Anastasia for over twenty years, even though they did not get long and a few times almost came to blows. Vincent didn’t like the close ties Albert had with Luciano, Costello, and Bonanno.

 In 1951, Vincent Mangano disappeared and Anastasia took over. Mangano’s body never found, the city declared him dead in 1961. 

Gunmen murdered Albert Anastasia in the Park Sheraton Hotel barber shop. One of the most famous mob boss’s hits of all time. And then, as we all know, Carlo Gambino took over, and it stayed The Gambino Family until today. 

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