06 Jul


Time magazine said: Underboss is fascinating for it’s anthropologically detailed portrait of a subculture some of us can’t get enough of. 

On Amazon, UB has 921 reviews and a rating of 4.7 and on Goodreads it has a 3.8 rating from over 3600 reviews. Reading some of them showed that most readers had a positive outlook for this book.

 However, I read it when it first came out and could not get past the dialogue. Peter Maas, who is a fantastic writer, wrote a huge part of the book using Gravano’s street dialect. It lost me almost immediately and I come from New York. 

UB is the story of Gravano’s life on the street, his life in the mob and everything else connected to it. Part of the description for the book: -a secret underworld of power, lust, greed, betrayal and deception, with the specter of violent death waiting in the wings. 

This is Not a book report since I never finished reading. Sammy’s betrayal to Gotti was in 1992 and UB was finished in 1999, so that part of his story should be in it. I always thought, made men don’t rat each other out, maybe I am wrong

. Anyway, you decide. If you have read Underboss, let us know what you thought. Leave comments below or at mobsecrets@yahoo.com.

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