30 Dec

In the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond there was an episode where Robert was acting as they said in the show ethnic. He would use the expression, “That is so whack.” Raymond replied. “We’re Italian. Whack means something else to us.”

 The term whack seems to have come from a Scottish word, “whacky,” meaning “to strike.” According to MW.com, the meaning is “to strike with a smart or resounding blow.” However, we all know the real meaning, “to kill or murder.” 

Every mob movie we have ever seen has someone or many people getting taken out. In The Godfather, we learned the term, “sleeping with the fishes” and in Goodfellas, Henry Hill’s voice over talks about how killings became accepted and a way of keeping everyone in line. Hill also talked about the fact that your killers came with smiles.

 There weren’t any arguments like in the movies. He says that they were people who cared for you your whole life, your friends. Supposedly, John Gotti had someone killed who didn’t come when he was called for. That’s the way it was in the mob’s life. You screw up, you’re dead. Anyone who joins into this life knows going in that there could come a time when you can be whacked. 

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